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Santorini as my Sanctuary

So, my very good friend asked me, how is to live on an island during winter? And it is not even a casual winter, it’s 2020 winter with the one-year-old… Read more »

Social Distancing Tips

Turning the day-to-day grind into our own personal skill With millions practicing social distancing for a common cause, the flattening of the curve of this new pandemic of COVID-19, spending… Read more »

Happy International Volunteer Day!

Today is a very important day for millions of people around all corners of the earth, who volunteer by all means, in order to make our world a better and… Read more »

27th of January – In memory of our Heroes

I am writing this article in order to honor the memory of all those souls that will never live again; but I am also writing as a Greek citizen that… Read more »

Chef’s Salad

Για το ελληνικό άρθρο πατήστε ΕΔΩ Ingredients for 4 servings Ingredients for the salad French Letuce                  2 pieces Ham                                   100gr Edam or Emedal Cheese      100gr Roast Beed                              100gr Boiled Chicken Breast   100gr… Read more »

The Ambassador of the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, exclusively on SmashPoint!

Smashpoint editors Mr. George Valas and Mr. Nasos Mamalis had the pleasure and honor of being accepted by the Ambassador of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, for an interview… Read more »