Money makes the Corona-Virus go round

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The new sensation of the era, the new plague, we are all going to die, a new Zombie Apocalypse, run and the safest way to terrorize people in 2020 (so far) is…. the Corona-virus.

I am not a biologist or a doctor by no account, but I can quickly sum up what the Corona-virus is. It is a mutation of the Flu virus. Are you shocked already? Just like H1N1 before it. Going back memory lane yet?

Is the Corona-Virus dangerous? Yes, mortality rates are about 2%, but this only applies to weakened organisms and individuals (infants or the elderly). If you attract Covid-19 (which is now the official name of the Corona-virus) it is more likely you are going to die of something you already had and got worse because your immune system got weakened due to the virus… pretty much exactly the same as the case of you getting the Flu…

I read that Covid-19 is 40 times more lethal than the actual flu. Do you know how lethal the flu is? 0.05%… times 40 that goes to… 2%… And do you know where this applies? To weakened organisms and individuals…

Just saying, you are more likely to be assasinated if you ever get to be President of the United States (4 dead in about 50… close to 8%) than dying due to Covid-19… Simply put, the President of the US is 4 times more likely to be assasinated than us dying to Covid-19.

There is absolutely no reason for all these hysterics about this “pandemic” (SARS got so little attention… SARS, with the 10% mortality rate…) other than the desire to sell… news? Hmmm, not really…

I read today that the price for ONE mask is 5€. I will write this again for you to read twice. One mask, 5 €. The price of antiseptic in Italy, where new incidents have been reported, is 105 € per bottle… but how can you not buy it with Covid-19 lurking in the nexto corner, right? The dangerous virus. By the way, speaking of Italy, do you know how many deaths there are in Italy due to Covid-19? None…. only incidents….

I could rant on forever (I get really agitated by these things), but to keep things simple and short, Covid-19 is dangerous if you are an infant or young child, elderly, you already have some dangerous or potentialy lethal disease or if you are malnourished and with your immune system shut down or not working properly. Covid-19 is also extremely dangerous to your wallet… and the symptoms are mainly feeling empty…

Nasos Mamalis, Economist


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