Santorini as my Sanctuary

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So, my very good friend asked me, how is to live on an island during winter? And it is not even a casual winter, it’s 2020 winter with the one-year-old virus, COVID19. But, back to our topic, I will try to show with as much details as possible the life on the island of one of the most famous and most visited in Greece, Santorini. Of the record, I proudly call myself a city girl, the more stuff to do at a city the better, and yet here I am in Santorini, living in the northern part, in beautiful Oia.

Santorini to me is a magical place, it has a mystique, a dark aura and two active volcanos which brings more intrigue to everyday life here. You go to buy some groceries and here you can see the volcano! Then you go for a stroll and again! You experience an earthquake and instantly there are rumors of a next volcanic eruption! But anyway, Santorini has a wide history which dates back many years. Even the original name of the island was different, it was Thera or Strongyle which means circular in Greek language and refers to the original shape of the island before the eruption in the prehistoric years, around 1600 BC. With that eruption, which is one of the strongest eruptions (some historians claim that it was the cause of the end of the Minoan civilization) there were formed 4 islands, Thera, Therasia, Aspronisi and Palea Kammeni, and a fifth island, Nea Kammeni, which emerged from the water acentury later from the explosion.

Map of Santorini as it is today

The volcanic eruptions did not stop in that, but it continued with the latest dated back in 1950, which justifies to me the intrigue of a volcano which is about to explode any time! Plus, it is said that the history of Santorini has a mysterious link to the Atlantis. So much poetry, drama, and beauty on a single island! Irresistible.

The volcanic eruption of 1950

So, what can you do on the island when is winter, everything is closed and there are no people at all?

Personally, I am enjoying the calmness and the fact I can fully enjoy this island by myself! I am buying fruits and vegetables from small local shops; Santorini grows amazing cherry tomatoes and fava beans, everything super healthy and organic. And of course, wine for the difficult times… Here the wine is special as the grapes grow in the volcanic soil with almost no water. There are nice paths to go on hiking with dramatic views and places to watch the famous sunset completely ALONE! Here you can see some photos I made during a hiking I did a casual afternoon to watch the sunset. I took the ancient path from Thera to Oia and I went to the little castle on top of the hill. Usually, you cannot even reach this little castle for the sunset, because there are people everywhere!

The ancient path
Oia view from the top
The little castle

I hope you enjoyed because that’s all for now! Bye!

Lots of love and courage to you all!



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