Living an unbeatable experience with the Evzones (Presidential Guard of Greece)

The parade of Evzones is taking place in the center of Athens every Sunday morning. The road around the Greek Parliament is closed before 10:00 a.m. as the band of the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Fire Department or Air Force is accompanying the evzones, who are leaving their Military Camp, marching around the Parliament and end up in front of the Monument of the Uknown Soldier, where the Official exchange of Guards is taking place.

The parade is open to the public and it is worth to add it to your “To Do” list in Greece.  Watching the parade you can take a picture of the Greek culture and history.

The evzones are wearing the clothes their ancestors used to wear during the 18th and 19th century. The Greeks fought against the Ottoman Empire wearing these clothes during the Greek Revolution for their Independence. The walking of the evzones is intense. The reason why the walking of the evzones is so intense is REMARKABLE. It is intended to mean that the dead Heroes of previous wars will hear it and know that Greeks are still HERE and FREE!

SmashPoint took the pass for the building of the Presidential Guard and took pictures from the presentation that it is taking place showing the procedure of the evzone’s dressing procedure as well as their rehearsals for the parade.

Take a look of the photos and we are sure that you will be looking forwards to living this unique Greek experience!

The presentation of the Evzones’ Dressing procedure

The costume of evzones is one of the symbols of Greece

The official costume of the euzones is devoted to the heroes of 1821, who fought for the liberation of Greece from the Ottoman Empire. The costume has not changed much since then.

The Evzones are ready for their parade

The Evzones during the Parade

The Evzones wearing the Cretan Costume

We would like to thank Mr. Savvas Pipiros, member of the Hellenic Presidential Guard’s Evzones’ Society, as well as the Greek Presidential Guard for the warm welcome as well as for the valuable information they shared with us!

Vassiliki D. Sarafi, Communication Specialist – Sociologist


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